Staff and Administration

We are very proud of the staff of our school.

They have made our school the success that it is.


Bill Eyler, Principal, Head Teacher, Colorado Licensed, Montessori certified

Roberta Odle, Secretary

Toby Stephenson, Financial Secretary

Primary teachers:

Jenny Eyler, Head Teacher, Director qualified, Montessori certified

Sheilla Torkelson, Assistant, Group Leader, Director qualified

Monica Zarley, Head Teacher, Colorado Licensed, Montessori Certified

Deanna Deck,  Colorado Licensed, Group leader, Montessori Certified

Lower Elementary teachers:

Cami Bair, Head Teacher,  Colorado Licensed, Montessori certified

Sheryll Ross, Assistant

7abc0Hello! I’m Becky Kiefer, your child’s Lead Teacher in the Lower Elementary Classroom. I am a Highly Qualified, Colorado State Certified Teacher. I came into teaching after my own children entered school. I began in the educational field as a Substitute Teacher, then worked as a Special Education Aide, a General Education Aide (I worked with students in K-5), and finally completed the Alternative Teaching Licensure Program, through our district and the Colorado Department of Education. I taught third grade for two years in Delta at Lincoln Elementary School.

I made the switch to Montessori because I knew there was a more effective way of educating our students, while reaching all the standards, in today’s high-stakes classroom. 

I am in a two-year Montessori training program through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies, and will be licensed to teach in the Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms. For now, I’m considered a Self-Guided Lead Teacher throughout my Practicum. Cami Bair, our school’s other Lower Elementary teacher, is my Mentor, and I’m working closely with both she and Bill Eyler, our Head of School, throughout my Montessori training. 

I look forward to teaching, and learning from, your children!  My journey into the Montessori method and philosophy was an easy one, thanks to the supportive staff, students, and families at NFM@C. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be educating your children in this environment! I completed most of my first year with my online Montessori certification program, The Center for Guided Montessori Studies, but had to ask for a leave of absence this spring due to an injury. I did attend the summer residency training in Durham, North Carolina, which was invaluable practical learning experience and allowed for collaboration with other Montessori students. I came back feeling refreshed, inspired, and committed to the Montessori method in our classroom. 

I am also overjoyed to be working with Sara Puharich again. She is so much more than an Assistant in our classroom and is a true Co-Teacher. She completed her Montessori teacher training this summer and is now Montessori Certified, and looks forward to a Lead Teacher position in the future. It’s been said that you can be “on the same page” with someone. Well, Sara and I are not only on the same page, but on the same paragraph of that page as Montessori teachers, which will only strengthen our bonds as teachers for your children and provide them a united front in their education in our classroom.  

Here’s to a bright and successful 2015-2016 year in Becky/Sara’s Lower El. classroom at NFM@C!

792c9.jpgHowdy. I am Sara Puharich, the Co-teacher in Becky Kiefer’s Lower Elementary classroom. This summer (2015), I completed my Montessori certification through Montessori Education Center of the Rockies. Before becoming an educator, I was a rancher raising grassfed beef, a kitchen manager at a conference and retreat center, and a camp counselor on wilderness trips.

I became interested in Montessori education with the birth of my daughter in 2010. The more I study and teach, the more the Montessori philosophy and methods of teaching inspire me.   I am heartened by the broad context of the curriculum, which connects students to the whole system in which we live (The Universe). And I am passionate about the independence and responsibility which we foster in our classroom.

I am grateful to work with Becky. She has so much experience with classroom management and standards based teaching. I learn from her on a daily basis. We share a common passion: to meet each individual child and assist them as they take the next step in front of them, building confidence, character, and mastering the basics in a FUN way. Together we look forward to another year of learning!

Upper Elementary teachers:

Bill Eyler, Head Teacher, Colorado Licensed, Montessori certified

Esther Alsum, Colorado Licensed, Montessori certified

Shannon Castle, Colorado Licensed

Fran Stein, Colorado Licensed

Kara Manns, Assistant & Librarian


Enrichment Team

Jennie Chavez, Enrichment Coordinator – GT & ELL – Certified K-12 Spanish

Kerry Noonan, Literacy Coach

Denise Regelman,



Shannon Castle, Art

Jennie Chavez, Spanish

Paul Frazier, Music

Coach K – Kalvin Evans, Physical Education